We raise food with love, from roots to table. No GMO, antibiotics, or added hormones are used in our practices. From our family to yours, we eat what we grow.

                        -Humblebee Family Farm, located in Holland, Ohio.

We strive to raise safe, nutrient dense food while maintaining the integrity of the land and animals in our care.

All farm goods are made in small batches, and with the purest of ingredients. Our focus is on sustainability, and quality from the soil of the earth to the products we bring to the table.

The eggs & meat we raise is produced by healthy, happy chickens, turkeys, and ducks that are fed a diet of grass, sunshine and a blend of feed free of antibiotics and GMOs. (Genetically modified organism) These birds are rotated to fresh pasture to provide the best possible diet for our flock. 

We make our own soap, laundry & dish detergent, cleaners, and other various needs to keep the house. It is pretty easy to do, and there is a certain comfort that comes with knowing exactly what is applied in our environment, and how much less waste we create by doing so. Check out some of our recipes here.



Contact Us:

PO Box 1254

Holland, Ohio 43528